Thursday, November 28, 2013

Floyd Gottfredson - Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Color Sundays

Now that Disney in Greece seized to exist, those great volumes in slipcases by Fantagraphics Books are the only way to read here, all together, those old marvelous stories with Mickey, Goofy, Donald etc. from one of the pioneer masters. He led the way that was followed mainly by Paul Murry (master in movement) and Romano Scarpa (top stories).

Και μια και μιλήσαμε για τον Paul Murry, δείτε χαρτάκι της ΜΕΛΟ δεκαετίας 70, με το τελευταίο καρέ της περιπέτειάς του "Η ψυχρή ακτίνα" (δημιουργίας 1967) από το Κόμιξ 157 (εδώ πολύ αργότερα βέβαια).

Sunday, November 3, 2013


My favourite english composer of our times!! for various reasons, because he is Christian Orthodox in religion and as usually happens in many similar cases, much 'better' than most of the greek citizens, without being one! He visits Greece though and Mount Athos. Also my gradmother's name from my mother was Thekla, as was his 'spiritual' mother's  name, who died two years ago!  more info here
But most of all because of his music!
Try for yourself to check those particular works from 2010! Towards silence in SACD surround sound, if you manage, which is unique, for four string quartets and tibetan bowl, starts from breathtking intensity as the listener sits right in the middle of the quartets and ends up in...silence 33 minutes later, I wish it was much more....
The other cd with various works is also great, has the greek title ΙΕΡΟ ΟΝΕΙΡΟ on the cover, featuring 

the Chamber Choir of Southern Iceland led by Hilmar Örn Agnarsson !!

view details here

my article was in a way prophetical, ten days later he sadly passed away, 
on the 12th of November.....may he rest in peace & God save his soul...a huge miss.... 

His final interview