Sunday, October 21, 2007


Great cartoonist Luciano Bottaro passed away about one year ago (end 2006). Will always remember him for all the laughs he gave us through his stories. For original Bottaro drawings of my own and more from other Disney artists check my gallery here: artworks  , also L.Bottaro's site: site for my contributions.


Luciano was fond of ancient Greece, check his fantastic storia PAPERIADE (Troyan War - Iliada), photo above. So at some point I asked him for a commission, Donald as ancient greek in the same page with Rebo, (his own creation after Saturno/check another article in the blog about details). Here it is: donald and done for free!!!
Although the word ΠΑΠΕΡΙΝΟΣ above is with greek letters he asked me and I showed him how his name was written in greek and he did it perfectly signing in the letter below sent to myself :

To my great surprise though in the edition of TESORI DISNEY no. 7 in 2010 here it is another Donald as ancient greek against Rebo and also signed by the great maestro Luciano in greek!!!! certainly done later and inspired by my own commission!!! I was moved!!!